Cleaning your Water Heater: A Simple DIY Guide

The water that gets in your home contains sediment, chemicals, and minerals. Over time, these contaminants can affect your water heater’s effectiveness. If left unchecked, they will clog your drain valve, damage your element, or cause uneven heating. A good way to prevent this is to clean your water heater at least once a year.

Wondering how to clean your water heater? Here are some simple steps to follow.

Before cleaning the electric hot water heater, you should ensure you adhere to safety rules. If your water heater is electric, check your main switch for the water heater circuit and turn it off. It will prevent electrical shocks from happening when you are cleaning the heater.

Step 1. Clean the outer parts of the water tank

If your water tank has too much dust and grime, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust effectively. Ensure that you clean the bottom of the tank and the pipes as well. When all the sides of the water tank are clean, check the tank for leaks. Most homeowners lose gallons of water to water leaks each year and have to pay high water bills as a result. Cleaning your pipes and the exterior parts of the water tank enables you to see any damage or holes that may cause leaks. If you find any damage, it is best to call a plumber right away.

Step 2: Drain your tank

Draining the tank will flush out the sediment and other debris that may be in the tank. First, switch off the cold-water valve at the top of your tank. Next, open the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. You can place a bucket at the bottom to reduce spillage as water drains out. Connect the drain valve to a garden hose, then put the other end of the hose outside. If the hose is not long enough, a sink will do. Drain the contents of the water tank once this is done.

If you live in an area with hard water, it is advisable to refill the tank to help remove more of the sediment. Hard water often has a lot of undissolved minerals that create sediments at the bottom of the tank.

Step 3: Brush the insides of the tank

Clean the inside of the tank with a proper brush. Keep in mind that the right brush is crucial, so you can go to a local hardware store and ask them to show you one. Remove the drain valve to get to the bottom of the water tank. Clean it thoroughly to remove all the sediments.

Finally, flush the water take one last time to ensure all the sediments are removed.

How will you tell when it is time to clean your water heater?

-If your water heater is not producing hot water, it may be because of accumulated sediments causing the water not to heat up properly.

-If your water has a funny smell, it probably means that there is a presence of bacteria in the water.

-A water heater making funny noises could also mean a cleanup is due.

Tips to improve SEO for cleaning companies

When you are running a cleaning service company, it simply means that you have people who are experts when it comes to delivering high-quality cleaning results. It also means that you have the knowledge and expertise in the cleaning industry. The question is, do you have the same knowledge and proficiency when it comes to search engine optimization?

We all know how SEO plays a big role in cleaning businesses, even in other industries. Without SEO, your website won’t appear on search engines; thus, it will be hard for people to find you. As a result, it will limit the growth of your business. 

As a cleaning company owner, you should take advantage of SEO in any way you can. Don’t worry because SEO for cleaning companies is not that complicated. Here are some tips that can help you boost your business in no time.

Long-tail keywords

One of the most important elements of SEO is the keyword. The only way to make your contents rank on search engines is through your relevant keywords. So when people use that keyword when they are searching for cleaning services on the search engine, your web content will appear on the search results. 

You need to give importance to the keyword that you choose. You should pick a keyword that will actually work. This means that you should use a keyword that is relevant based on the services that your target audience is looking for. 

In SEO, the competition is stiff, especially in keywords. But there is only low competition for long-tail keywords. Therefore, you should target more long-tail keywords when making your content. Examples of long-tail keywords are Sydney cleaning services, affordable cleaning services in Sydney, and other related keywords.

Create location-specific webpages

Make sure to include your physical address on your web content. This is to increase your visibility when a user searches for a cleaning service in your location.  This is an essential tip that cleaning companies should not forget to apply. If you have other service areas, you should use this method as well but make sure that your every content is unique. 

Also, in your content, include some information about your business like the services you offer, and mention your location a few times to make the keywords rich.

Use social media

Almost everyone is engaging in social media, and so there is a high chance that your target audience is in it too. Search engines, especially Google, are paying attention to the conversations that are going on social media platforms. To create a page on a popular social media platform and create a buzz by posting engaging content. Be creative and make something that will surely catch the attention of your audience. Once your page or your content becomes popular, search engines will pick up on your social signals.

Manage your online reputation

Online reviews are important for your business, and you also need it to boost your SEO. when users see positive reviews about your services, they will be encouraged to contact you or hire you. This will result in more clicks, thus increasing your ranking in search engines. Therefore, you need to make sure to deliver an excellent service that will satisfy your customers for them to write their reviews about their experience with your company.

With these tips, you’ll surely improve your web ranking significantly. However, the result is not overnight. For your cleaning company to get more traffic, you need the right strategies on  SEO For Cleaning Companies. You can take advantage of the expertise of SEO specialists to help you achieve your business goals. Once you’ve seen the results you are hoping for, you will realize that your investment is all worth it.

What is green cleaning, and why is it important?

Green cleaning simply means cleaning with the use of safe products and procedures. This way, there will be no pollutants to the environment. Green cleaning is also crucial for the health of people.

Over the years, we can find cleaning products everywhere from our homes, to our offices and even our cars. Most of the cleaning products that we get used to using contain harmful chemicals that obviously bad for our health and the environment. You’ll know if the cleaning product has harmful chemicals in it’s labelled hazardous or irritants. You are advised to take precautionary measures such as wearing gloves and mask if you use the product. There are also other products that you can use in well-ventilated areas so you can avoid inhaling them. With these warnings, you can tell that these products are harmful because they don’t contain pleasant ingredients that you want to surround yourself with. Many people experienced coughing, skin irritation, and breathing problems because of using traditional cleaning products. Also, it has been observed that allergies can be worsened by some of the chemicals found in a cleaning product.

So instead of using these conventional cleaning products, why not start using natural cleaning solutions that you can make yourself and save money at the same time? By practising green cleaning, you’ll be able to clean your house and make it smell fresh without having to worry about the harmful effects. Many years ago, people believed that the only way of knowing that the house is clean is if you can smell the chemicals. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case today. Nowadays, there are many ways you can measure the standard of the cleanliness of one’s home.

Using green cleaning products and applying safe cleaning procedures are a smart way to clean your home in a non-toxic way. Here are some natural ingredients to start with basic green cleaning.


Lemons contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties. They have a high acidic content, so they are best to use as a natural deodorizer.  You can also use lemons together with salt or baking powder to scour your copper pans. Combine lemon extracts and baking soda to remove stains from your plastic containers. If you want to disinfect your chopping board, just rub a slice of lemon into it.

White Vinegar

It’s a natural ingredient that you use in almost all aspects of home cleaning. Diluted vinegar is effective in removing stains in various textiles. You can also combine vinegar with lemon to absorb odours, especially in the kitchen. If you want to remove strong odours from fish, onion and garlic, all you have to do is spray some vinegar and lemon combination on the surface and wipe it down. To prevent cooking odours, simmer vinegar with water while cooking.

Baking soda

Next to vinegar, baking soda is also a wonder in cleaning. You can use it to clean your oven by making a paste (1 part baking soda and 1 part water). Just leave the paste overnight and scrape it off by morning. Finish it by wiping it down, and your oven will be clean. You can also use it to clean your toilet bowl. Just throw a cup of baking soda and let it sit for an hour. After that, pour a cup of vinegar and let the mixture sit for a while then flush. Baking soda can also be used in washing your clothes. By adding baking soda in your washing machine, your clothes will be soft and free from unpleasant odours.

Aside from using natural ingredients, there is also nothing wrong with buying commercial green products. You just have to be careful in choosing one. Read the labels and investigate on the list of ingredients used for the product. Avoid products that contain irritants and hazards such as ammonia, chlorine bleach, petroleum solvents and other harmful chemicals. If you opt to hire cleaning services, make sure to inform them that you prefer green cleaning. Most cleaning companies like house cleaning pembroke pines nowadays practice green cleaning to ensure safety to their clients. Green cleaning is undoubtedly the best way to clean the home. Aside from saving money, you” be thankful that you’ll decrease the toxic in your home.